Since August 2016, Pakistan Edification Services (PES) has connected students with different beneficial, productive and promising products across Punjab and endeavors to expand in all the provinces of Pakistan. Pakistan Edification Services is aiming to achieve standards of excellence and professionalism in Health and Education.

Pakistan Edification Services aim is to promote and safeguard the interests of the students whilst being a relevant source of knowledge, health and social well being. PES is recognized as an autonomous body which was established to welfare the students in the best possible ways. Keeping in view the current situation of examination system we have introduced examination soft wares for the students which will facilitate the teachers and the students in the paper making and exams preparation, thus saving a lot of time. PES believes in providing a healthy atmosphere to the students and has taken the first step in Pakistan to provide student health cards to the students which will encourage them to maintain good health. WE are working on multiple projects to facilitate the youth of this Nation. PES is delighted to announce that PES is the pioneer in providing Quality services in the field of Education and Health.

PES Registration Details

Pakistan Edification Services is registered in Pakistan with SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN, under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984(XLVII of 1984), and Corporate Universal Identification Number 0104929 having its registered office at Islamabad, Bahria Town, Phase 4,Civic Center ,Arcade 127,Hall No. 1.Pakistan Edification Services is a member of Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce and Industry having N.T.N No. 7284609-0