What is IAS? IAS is a web based solution to manage attendance of any organization or institute. It keeps the attendance record in a modern way and then shows the reposts as per user requirement. It contains the internal mailing system and leave management system as well.
Let’s discuss the main features of IAS
• It keeps the section and class wise record of students and teachers.
• It has the capacity to configure Biometric device, IR card device and face recognition system with it. Student has to authenticate his figure print, student card or face, to check in the school. The system automatically gets the record from the device and marks the attendance in the system accordingly.
• Internal mailing system allows the user to communicate with members of school.
• It contains the notice board so that principal can deliver any notice to the students and the staffs.
• It manages the application and the records in very good manners.
• The system allows the 3 type of user. Only admin (Principal) can add or change the information in the system from his account. Other users can only view their attendance and their respective information from their accounts.
• The system meets all the standards of security.