Every Business requires good management for a handsome earning. The owner of the business should have remarkable management skills, good team and a useful tool to help him.

What is IMS? IMS is a web based solution to manage everything related to school. We have observed the requirement of the system deeply and then have designed this. IMS is so detailed and cover each and every aspect of school. It manages all the members of institute in a very good way that one can check each and every detail in clicks. A part from managing the users it takes care of their accounts, attendances, and grades and give users access to view the information only related to them. System has the capacity to manage Parents, Students and Teachers logins go that they can view their information respectively. Principal account gets all the access and can manage and view each and everything in the system.

To divide the works load equally, system in designed in a very effective manner, for example, teacher manages the students and principal manages teachers. Account department can manage everything related to accounts.

Following are the featured functionaries of IMS.

  • IMS stores and manages the information of students , teachers and parents.
  • It arranges the students in groups, class wise and sections wise to manage them in a good way.
  • It stores the subjects of every class.
  • User can schedule the classes for different subjects of the sections. Students and the parents can view their respective class afterward from their accounts.
  • It manages the grading system, exams, exam schedule and results of each student in a very good way that each user can see his relative information at any point from his account.
  • IMS contains attendance system. It keeps the attendance of students and teacher. Principal can manage teacher’s attendance and teacher can manage the attendance of students.
  • Student and teacher can send applications by using IMS and then Principal can approve or disapprove them.
  • It manages transport, Events and Holidays of the institute as well