All  of my respected Pakistanis, It is universal truth that world has progressed due to the education and technology. All the nations in this world have raised their capabilities, efficiency and productivity due to the use of modern technologies. They have preferred education and modern techniques, but unfortunately we have ignored such a great reality. To improve the educational structure and other areas of life in Pakistan, on the basis of modern posts, Pakistan Edification Services is providing services to all sectors of life, especially in the field of education with its 28 advanced projects.I feel proud as being of Patron of Pakistan Edification services and I am highly expected that this platform will play a prominent role for the development of education and other sectors of Pakistan. We are working use of small scale technologies and various constructive programs across the country. My vision is to introduce the all innovative and modern projects and technologies in Pakistan which are being used in the progressive countries of the world.InshaAllah along with my other services my this initiative will play an important role in opening new paths of development in all sectors of life in Pakistan. Due to this platform students from across Pakistan will be able to enhance their performance from various software and programs. We will strengthen academic level of students and also the creative abilities of students. We are trying our level best to promote such programs by which healthy thoughts should be created in the students. We are working that students of Pakistan should be a responsible and useful citizen of Pakistan. I believe that only students can change the destiny of Pakistan. We are going to introduce our modern services to remote areas of Pakistan. For this purpose we are allotting distributions and franchises throughout the country in each district and tehsil. So all organizations and private sector can be accessed easily with the chain of franchises and uninterrupted supply of modern technologies can be ensued in institutions and other sectors of life. Along with welfare there is much more business scope for the distributers and franchise holders on initial 28 innovative projects and on upcoming projects.In addition to more projects you can establish a successful and profitable business and also you can play an important role in developing Pakistan by introducing modern technologies and constructive wigs in your area and performing welfare work. I would like to invite all talented and hardworking people to become the part of PES. By this business chain due to your distribution and franchise 4 to 6 member will get a chance of employment and in whole Pakistan due to this business chain 3000 to 4000 person will be engaged. We are going to introduce many innovative technologies and programs through your franchise in the near future, through which your business will increase significantly and your area will be facilitated by new projects. The old projects will continue; along with the supply chain of new projects will continue. In addition of more projects you will not pay any more amounts.  The distributor is being given 20% shares in the profit of his respective division franchises. Those who are able to afford the ability and capitalism, they have a great opportunity of business. I am expected that due to you hard work and dedication in future it will become a great platform to facilitate the all sectors of Pakistan. I need your prayers that God will give us success for our vision to make the Pakistan educated and prosperous.

IBRAR UL HAQ Patron of Pakistan Edification Services(PES)