Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and the vast majority of these are smartphones that allow users to connect to the internet and run applications. Having a smartphone makes it much more convenient to check your email, social media or even your bank account while on the go. The best part is to receive SMS through this technology, everywhere and anywhere. The message service benefits people of all walks of life. Teachers, students and parents largely benefit from it.

Text messaging offers a reliable way to reach every single person that opts-in to receive messages, no matter how many are on the subscriber list.

The most effective way to communicate with masses these days is through short message service.The benefits of text messaging are hard to ignore and that is why Pakistan Edification Services is choosing this simple and effective way to introduce prime message service (PMS) to the Institutions. This service is immediate, personal, everywhere, downloads free and does not require an internet connection. This service will allow the institutions to own the confidence of the parents. The Institutions can send messages to all the parents to inform them about any planned or sudden event. PMS will benefit all the Institutes to interact with the students’ parents. Notifications, future plans, parent teacher meetings, results, attendance, alerts, important events and emergency communications can be informed and notified. We believe in advancement and professionalism.