Student Motivational Program

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PES is Launching another activity for students titled “Students Motivational Programs”. PES will hold events in Islamabad to provide opportunities to students to grow and flourish in healthy environments. They will have the opportunity to meet celebrities and distinguished figures of Pakistan. SMP Will be constructive, Educative, Innovative and a source of learning many things concerning to meet the modern challenges of the world.

Our strategy aims at provision of valuable opportunities to the students in shortest possible time for learning in various facets of education with focus on learner autonomy. Student Motivational Program will focus on solution-based learning, promoting thinking processes, increasing Competence and Character building. The program will include preparing the students to meet the challenges of modern society including the necessity of Harmony, Unity, Patriotism, Discipline and Sense of Responsibility. PES wants the students to exhibit self-confidence so that they can realize and cash their true potential. The program will provide ample opportunities to the students to grow in competitive environment.

(Events Coming Soon)