Human with a healthy mind and brain is able to deal with the daily challenges of life. Improved understanding of the relationship between education and health will help to identify where intervention is most appropriate and effective in improving both individual and population. PES aim to provide quality education and better medical facilities to students across Punjab and intends to serve all the provinces in the near future. In rural areas most of the people lack medical facilities due to poverty and unawareness. PES (Pakistan Edification Services) aims at providing them the medical facility at low price. In this regard Pakistan Edification Services has taken a step to promote health at economical rates by making an agreement with the hospital to provide medical facilities to the students. Hospitals will provide 50% percent discount on the medical consultancy and PES benefits the students in accidental claim by giving them 50,000 .This accidental claim increases every year, thus comforting the Hospital and the students in terms of patient ratio and medical facilities.

Salient Features:

* It includes the facility of 50% discount on specialist consultancy.

* It includes 30% discount on indoor facility(excluding AC room and ICU)

* In case of availing a medical consultancy SHC holder will pay consultancy fee on the spot in cash.

* This card will be distributed on reasonable installments.

* After four installments PES will provide one accidental claim.

* The accidental claim increases by 10%every year.