An identification card is a very essential thing in most parts of the world. Keeping in mind the current situation of the security in the country, Identification card can be a valuable asset. Pakistan Edification Services is introducing Student Identification Card (SHC) to facilitate the institutions, Schools, Colleges and universities of Pakistan. It will serve as your identity in every place. We believe that every individual should always bring an ID with him/her wherever he/she goes. In case of an emergency there is always a way to identify the individual. All visitors are also responsible for receiving and showing identification to create a safer and secure environment for students, teachers and administrators on the school premises. This also relieves a lot of stress for parents wondering whether or not if their kids are safe. To alleviate all such worries Pakistan Edification Services is taking a lead in Pakistan by providing Student Identity cards to the students. We believe that having an id is like being proud of your own identity.