Terms and conditions for Sales Promotion Representative(SPR) For the sale of e Study Cards

  1. SPR should make a comprehensive sales strategy for the e Study Card in target market.
  2. SPR will be responsible for the recovery of amounts where he will distribute the cards.
  3. SPR will distribute cards in his area to all book stores and all shop for post payments as per his/her strategy and will make sure the availability of e Study Card at the every important spot of concerned area.
  4. SPR will distribute e Study Cards minimum on 50 shops. On the sale of each card shopkeeper will be given 200 rupees for each card and SPR will be given 50 rupees for the sale of each card by shopkeeper.
  5. If SPR will sale cards on personal marketing then SPR will be given 250 Rupees for each card.
  6. SPR will take amounts on every Friday or Sunday and in banking day will deposit in company account.
  7. In case of nonpayment of any card, PES will have the right to block the login. For this purpose, an agreement will be signed on stamp paper between PES and SPR.  After the agreement, if any SPR will not return the PES amount a strict legal action will be taken against SPR.
  8. SPR will be bound to return the stock of cards on the demand of PES Head Office at any point of time.
  9. If SPR fails to return the cards, then SPR will be bound to deposit the amount equivalent to total price of the cards.
  10. After receiving the cards SPR will put his efforts for the maximum sale of cards.
  11. No payment will be acknowledged without the provision of deposit slips.
  12. SPR will be authorized to keep his profit amount. After the deduction, SPR will deposit remaining amount of PES in authorized bank account.



  1. SPR will be given 60 rupees for the sale of cards by shopkeeper if SPR will distribute cards on 200 shops in his concerned area.
  2. If every shopkeeper will sale only one card per day then by 50 shops total weekly sale will be 300 cards through this sale on weekly basis PRO will get 15000.
  3. If a SPR will sell the 2000 total cards through personal or via shopkeepers  in one month then he will be given 70cc Motor cycle.
  4. If a SPR will sale total 3000 cards of any category then he will be given 125 Honda Motor cycle.
  5. If a SPR will sale total 10000 cards in one month then he will be given Suzuki Mehran Car.

Work Shop Schedule:

First Shift 10 am to 01 pm
Second Shift 3pm to 6 pm

Timings are first shift workshop 10am to 1pm. Second shift 3pm to 6pm. In workshop you will be given cards and complete details of cards promotion and business strategies. Your workshop will be arranged in your concerned division before Ramzan. About workshop venue and date you will be informed via SMS on 27-04-19 evening.