After the instigation of Student Health Cards, Examination Development Software, Student Motivational Program, Institutional Management Software, Student Identity Card and Student Assessment Software Pakistan Edification Services (PES) is proud to announce Student Travelling Card (STC).

PES has taken the initiative in Pakistan to work on the projects that support and safeguard the interests of the students. After the provision of educational software, health cards and entertainment programs, we are now working on travelling cardsto support and facilitate the students in travelling. A large number of students living in the hostels travel every week from hostels to visit their loved ones. But for many students the idea of travelling so often is a far cry from reality. Even if they desire to travel they are perhaps knee deep in student loans, semester fees or tuition fees. To facilitate the students PES is offering Student Traveling Card .This card will allow the students to have 30% discount on the total fare. This card will encourage the students to travel more often, as it will alleviate their worries of high fares.