Pakistan Edification Services aims at championing the students rights Vis a Vis Education and Health. PES endeavors to provide these basic and important services through integration of education Institutions /schools and colleges with state health Institutions at affordable cost to the students.

Provision of readily available examination modules in the form of software solutions will not only enhance the efficiency of education system but also decrease the workload of teaching staff considerably. High competent staff at PES is undertaking the provision of services as a challenge. Initially starting these services from Punjab, it is intended to extend these to all parts of the country subsequently.

It is our endeavor to provide basic health services to all students in Pakistan at subsidized rates through the introduction of a Student Health Card.This card will entitle the students to get specialized medical care at selected/panel hospitals at very affordable rates. Thus alleviating the worries of the students and their parents.

I look forward to a very competitive and user friendly education system along with a very healthy atmosphere among students at all Institutes.

 Deputy Managing Director

 Mehwish Nabeel