PES is happily announcing its services as an autonomous body. We are providing following services.

  • EDS (Examination Development Software)
  • SHC (Student Health Card)

EDS (Examination Development System)

We encourage teachers to review the materials in order to promote the effective use of Examination Development System (EDS). We hope that these guidelines, combined with suggested questions, and resources will offer useful strategies to enhance teaching and learning.

Salient Features

  • It is an online web application to modernize our educational system.
  • By using this software teachers can evaluate each and every student by creating random question papers.
  • As preparing paper is a time consuming process so EDS provides an efficient way of creating question papers on just few clicks.
  • Teacher will be able to create both subjective and objective papers including short questions, MCQs, fill in the blanks and descriptive questions along with the answer keys.

SHC (Student Health Card)

Education is an important social determinant of health. Human with a healthy mind and brain is able to deal with the daily challenges of life. Improved understanding of the relationship between education and health will help to identify where intervention is most appropriate and effective in improving both individual and population.