Why SHC Card?
• Attracting and retaining students.
• Affordability
• Convenience
• Flexibility
• Easy fits with student’s budget
• Tax advantage of tax free claim amounts
What is covered in SHC?
• Consultations 50% off
• Indoor 30% off
What is covered in Hospitalization?
An annual limit given for each student under PES benefits includes:
• Hospital Stay
• Doctor visits during stay
• Surgery
• Specialized Diagnostic Test
• Inpatient Treatments
• Emergency Accidental Treatment
• Pre-Hospitalization
• Post-Hospitalization
• Per day room limits
How can I use our Student Health card?
For emergency hospitalizations or In case of a Non Emergency Treatment from Hospital, Cardholders may present SHC to the PES Representative in the selected hospital.
Can the limit of next year be availed this year in advance?
No. the limits are only entitled for one year provided the policy is renewed, the limit are refreshed annually.
What if my entitled limits are exhausted?
If the cost of treatment exceeds the entitled limit or the limit is already availed then the insured has to bear the expenses by him/her.
I have lost my Card. What should I do?
Kindly report the loss to the relevant TMCO so that card may be issued to you Pakistan Edification Services.
My card has expired? What to do?
If the validity of your card is expired its means you didn’t paid installments of the card. For renewal status, please contact the TMCO of our organization.
24-Hour Medical Hotline
You have round-the clock 24 hours access to our staff doctors for help during medical emergencies. Medical Hotline Numbers will be printed on your Health Card.
Customer Service / Call Center
In case you need any clarification or facilitation regarding your policy, our dedicated customer relations / call center staff will be pleased to assist you.

You can get a complete list of Network Hospitals from our representative or download it at our website
How to Contact Us?
Pakistan Edification Services Head Office Islamabad.